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When Your Child Says, "I'm Bored!"

No matter how many toys, video games, movies and other entertaining options are available around the home for your little one to play with, you will probably hear these words far more often than you might expect. In fact, kids have rather short attention spans and often jump from one activity to the next. After spending so much money on electronic devices and the latest toys, this can be quite frustrating for parents and caregivers.

Your child's boredom could be caused by several different reasons. According to Ann Douglas, author of 'The Mother of All Parenting Books,' suggests an exclamation of boredom could be a cry for your attention, as your child wants to play with you. Still others believe it is nothing more than the difference between home and school, where your child is constantly engaged in activities and surrounded by a variety of entertaining options.

Chase Away Boredom with a Second Language

Perhaps both of these theories are to be considered correct, meaning you need an activity that is educational, engaging and allows parental involvement. You should consider this time as an excellent opportunity to teach your child something that can be beneficial for for the rest of her


lifetime – learning a second language!

Learning a second language may sound like work, but with the MusicLinguaSA program, it is actually very entertaining and fun. Because children love and learn quickly when music is used in the teaching process, you want to choose a language program that incorporates music-based activities and songs. With your involvement and participation, you may find that, thanks to your child's boredom, you will learn a second language as well!

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